No other C implementations of Arc?

I would have thought that someone else would have tried to make a C implementation of Arc too, given how cumbersome installing and using Arc has been, with all the name changes and incompatibilities introduced by MzScheme/PLT Scheme/Racket/whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days. All the popular scripting languages have had C implementations and as such could be immediately installed without any other dependencies other than that of the base system. Given that C is practically the lingua franca of modern computing, I would have thought that such an implementation would have had great importance. If such a thing existed earlier, Arc might well have become much more popular than it is today.

I had to stop working on the project for more than three years as I had too many other things to do that paid the bills, so the code base lay fallow for some time. When I decided to work on it seriously again late last year, I tried to look for other projects that have tried to do what I do, and found nothing. Today, googling for “Arc implemented in C” gets my original post on the Arc Forum announcing Arcueid  as the third hit (the top two being irrelevant references to automatic reference counting, or ARC, in Objective-C programming for iOS).

Well, I suppose I just have to soldier on, and hope that the project attracts some more attention. Arcueid 0.0.8 is in more or less a usable state, and any bug reports and patches are very much welcome.

~ by stormwyrm on 2012-02-08.

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