Arcueid 0.0.12 released

Arcueid 0.0.12 is released. You can download it here.

Release notes for Version 0.0.12:

  • 32-bit compatibility fixes (still incomplete though, but enough that you get a working REPL)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes (e.g. with getb and string coercions)
  • is and iso will now accept any number of arguments
  • current-thread implemented
  • atstrings are now supported

Arcueid’s rendering of news.arc now sort of looks the way news.arc is rendered by standard versions of Arc. There are still enough bugs here and there that I won’t put a 0.1.0 label on it but it is a bit more stable.

There are still some issues with 32-bit support, most of them related to the fact that some parts of the code continue to believe that fixnums will have more than 31 bits.

A testsuite is being built that will attempt to validate the behavior of the entire Arc runtime as completely as possible.

~ by stormwyrm on 2012-02-29.

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