Status update: imminent release

Well, after a few more days of work. Arcueid 0.1.0 is very nearly ready for release. You can check out the experimental branch from Github if you like and see how it runs. It’s now somewhat usable and more stable, and is definitely faster than the 0.0.x series. It can almost run news.arc properly, although there are some problems (e.g. posting URLs in stories causes it to crash with a failed apply error), and it only passes 291 of the 313 Conan Dalton unit tests, not counting the ones involving the double-bar symbol tests that reference Arc inadvertently inherited from MzScheme/Racket, which I have no intention of ever implementing in full generality.

I’ll do a little cleaning up before producing the final 0.1.0 release in a few days or so.

~ by stormwyrm on 2013-04-23.

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